I’ve just wrapped a short contract to produce reusable, multipurpose, responsive, Marketo Guided templates for emails and landing pages. Specifically, client asked me to create templates for them; three email types, four landing page types and a thank you page. Using an agile approach I proposed a web development path consisting of the phases: Research → Wireframe (layout) → Design → Asset Creation → Programming → Loading, Testing, Finessing and Deployment …

I expertly delivered above and beyond scope for this big-data tech customer. Below is the original request for work, and my account of the project which took place over the course of three weeks that included a national holiday.

Original request:

  • Our client needs a Developer who’s skilled in Marketo to assist their team.
  • You’ll work on updating and editing existing landing pages and helping to develop several new Marketo templates.
  • This is an offsite freelance project. You must be well-versed in Marketo to qualify.

Marketo Guided Templates for emails / landing pages

Skills: Marketo, HTML, CSS

Client wanted to “keep a tight communication loop that’s open” – so we communicated daily and met in video Google hangouts for weekly project updates – client also wanted “time estimates for each portion of this project once I had a chance to ramp up.” The request to gauge the time it would take in advance was a feat in and of itself — kind of like predicting the future and hence my reason for writing this post. In the end, 3 weeks tenure, a total time billed was for 46.5 hours for 8 landing page templates and 6 email templates, with 15 graphic artwork brand elements, digitally delivered.

1. Account management
2. Project management / coordination
3. Research
4. UX/UI Design
5. Production
6. Programming
7. Digital delivery into Marketo system
8. Basic testing – email and landing pages


  • Project management
  • Meeting with client to discuss, assess and understand request for “we need editable templates”
  • Research of updated Marketo systems its upgrade, understanding of platform new capabilities…
  • Obtain and access to set-up “Marketo Web Designer seat”
  • Client support: Google video hangouts meetings (2) to discuss course of action
  • Meeting to review and discuss project and deliverable materials desired: landing pages, emails.
  • Branding materials review, procurement ramping up on identity, receive review basic materials from client
    Set up project on system
  • Creative design UX/UI exploration for a look of potential templates.
  • PDF of potential email/landing page layouts presented and discussed.
  • Explore use of Marketo available templates per meeting/review for fastest way to finish
  • Produce and Install and customize 3 Marketo/client branded templates
  • First presentation 2/12 to client of direction and continued development of requested templates
  • Presidents Holiday 2/15 and two days waiting for feedback, scheduled meeting for Wed 2/17
  • Obtain feedback and approval to continue toward finish asap.
  • Note client said they are running out of hours (@35 total in two weeks)…
  • Refine request to produce templates: (see list below)
  • Branding image research, graphical banner, art panels and insert artwork creation.
  • Guided template code/responsive web development and production; customizing css, brand elements, editable regions, creation of artwork FPO.
  • Produce and upload artwork
  • Finesse CSS (style sheets where necessary) test and approve each template.
  • Approve all templates in Marketo
  • Create materials for client review
  • Test template email set up
  • Test Landing page set-up
  • Delivery = upload 6 client branded Marketo Guided email templates (multi purpose)
  • Content download
  • White Paper / infographic
  • Webinar
  • Events
  • Delivery = upload 8 client branded Marketo Guided Landing page templates (multi purpose)
  • Content Download
  • Webinar Sign up
  • Events
  • Request a Demo
  • Thank You page template (multi purpose)

Development options for creating templates for landing pages and emails:

A) Landing Pages built on and with Marketo, having hosted forms – Using the Guided Landing page builder constructing each per campaign. Templates can have editable containers so long as they each have a unique id=“” and are reusable, however further customizing usually results in the need for a “new template” to be created by editing the source code… Note: you may find the need to create a new template for each campaign. Templates can be coded from scratch based upon Bootstrap framework and imported into the editor.

B) Custom landing pages/micro-sites within company website CMS (Amazon or hosted elsewhere) with Marketo hosted forms
– This path can be taken in addition to the above Marketo hosted pages to drive lead-gen. However, while you may get better styling you can’t take advantage of some of the advanced Marketo features found within their ecosystem. This path means building pages the reside on the corporate website — adding reporting scripts to the website and landing pages and insuring that they are reporting.

The custom email template dev is basically the same course of action – use/build within the Marketo system and set as templates or import third party, customize and conform/test… If importing custom or third party code, to test emails for recipient client display proofing I suggest: EmailOnAcid https://www.emailonacid.com/

Templates are based upon Bootstrap framework and grid system of containers, so long as the code has the necessary elements to be compatible with Marketo — and play nicely in the Marketo environment – these can be imported.

Best friend Marketo Developer Resources:
NOTE: Marketo has templates that can be loaded and customized (I’ve tested and can work with them)

Marketo Template Library:

Guided Landing Page editor and program:
(note that this editor can be fickle, cumbersome and require wrangling to get what you want)

Marketo Design Studio Walk thru

Bootstrap Grid examples

Email template building video:

Contact me for your custom Marketo Landing pages and emails.