I’m looking forward to getting this gadget before anyone of you mu whu ha ha ha… I’ve really been intrigued by 360 video, inspired by my friend Ted Chavalas, www.Panoscan.com camera inventor (bears the 360 camera crown, and thinks its pretty nifty too.) Wow, I already love it and can’t wait to share panovideos with you. For more information after the www.Kickstarter.com project has been completed, check out www.gopano.com

Shipping Dates

A number of our backers have asked when we will be shipping the rewards. We are of course still completing the software and production lines for the optic, so the items will not be shipping immediately after the project is funded. We’re working furiously to get everything done as soon as it’s right. Here are our current best estimates for shipping dates:

iPhone Cases will ship at the end of May.
GoPano micro optics will ship by early July (1st or 2nd week). This will include the GoPano micro and iPhone case.

Beta Testers: At the end of May you’ll receive your first prototype GoPano micro optic. Around the same time, you will receive a special invitation to beta test the GoPano iPhone app and GoPano.com hosting site. In July, you will receive a second shipment containing the final GoPano micro + iPhone case in retail packaging, along with your Gift Box containing the Limited Edition GoPano micro and bonus accessories.