At the turn of the century the only studio actually located in Hollywood threw a gala events. I attended them as documentarian and later hired by Kenneth Heidt to create a virtual resume for the studio. Together, we assembled this unique interactive disc as a promotional tool to send ahead or leave behind with a client interested in retaining the lot as an event loaction. The design includes: Special Event coverage, 3 camera DV shoot with eleven 360 PANOSCAN VR virtual tour spots, edit and production, MAC/PC programming with web-capable, packaging, replication and fulfillment of 10,000 units and a companion brochure.

Check out the event video montage, see how many stars you can spot…
I saw hmm Elvira, Pamela Anderson, The B52s, Steven Segal, Martin Crowley, Chrissie Hynde with The Pretenders, Ellen oh so many…